The 10 books you need to read this spring: Bark


Alice Munro, Lynn Coady, Mavis Gallant: Canadians love a good short story, especially right now. Which is why we think it's time to get (re)familiar with a master of the genre: Lorrie Moore. Bark is her first short story collection in 15 years and it was worth the wait. This haunting collection hones in on the intersection of tragedy and comedy in everyday life and the end result is simply superb.

Lorrie Moore on why reading is vital:

An excerpt from Bark:

Although Kit and Rafe had met in the peace movement, marching, organizing, making no-nukes signs, now they wanted to kill each other. They had become, also, a little pro-nuke. Married for two decades of precious, precious life, she and Rafe seemed currently to be partners only in anger and dislike, their old, lusty love mutated to rage. It was both their shame and demise that hate (like love) could not live on air. And so in this, their newly successful project together, they were complicitous and synergistic. They were nurturing, homeopathic, and enabling. They spawned and raised their hate together, cardiovascularly, spiritually, organically. In tandem, as a system, as a dance team of bad feeling, they had shoved their hate center stage and shone a spotlight down for it to seize. Do your stuff, baby! Who is the best? Who's the man?

Reprinted from Bark Copyright (c) 2014 by Lorrie Moore. Published by Bond Street Books a division of Random House, LLC, a Penguin Random House Company.

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