Tennessee Williams is the latest in a string of previously unreleased works

ten-williams-220.jpgA short story by playwright Tennessee Williams will be available for public consumption for the first time in about 80 years. Williams wrote the story, Crazy Night, in the 1930s when he was quite young.

American publication The Strand will feature the story in an upcoming issue. "There is a theme of disappointment, the old 'mendacity theme' from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," managing editor Andrew Gulli told the Associated Press.

The story is set on a college campus and follows the love story between the narrator and a woman named Anna Jean. Gulli said Williams' memoirs featured a romance between himself and a woman named Anna Jean who he met at the University of Missouri.

This is the latest in a string of newly released works in the last few years. Here are some highlights of some newly available and previously unreleased writing.

1. Charlie Chaplin


In February, the news hit that Charlie Chaplin's only and unpublished novel Footlights will be published about 60 years after it was written. The story reflects Chaplin's 1952 film Limelight, but it has "more elements than we see in the film," Cecilia Cenciarelli of Italy's Bologna Film Archive, which is releasing the novel, said in a recent interview on As It Happens. The book tells the story of a comic whose career is on the decline and explores the difficulties he faces adjusting to his fading stardom. "It reflects on the meaning of laughter, the meaning of art, the meaning of his relationship with theatre and the meaning of his relationship with his own audience, the public," she said. Read more.

2. Graham Greene


In 2009, The Strand also put out a previously unpublished work by Graham Greene titled The Empty Chair, which was written in 1926. According to The Examiner, managing editor Andrew Gulli described The Empty Chair as having "all the elements of a country house murder mystery" but with the typical Greene flavor -- "discussions about good and evil with his great insight into the complexities of his characters."

3. David Foster Wallace


When Wallace died in 2008, he left behind an unfinished novel titled The Pale King. His editor Michael Pietsch assembled a novel out of 12 chapters and detailed notes that were published in 2012. The Pale King was described by the Guardian as a book about boredom. "The subject matter is as narrowly focused as that of Infinite Jest was richly profuse. It is, in a word, boredom. Boredom and its various effects on the spirit, ranging from suicidal despair (suicide was a constant motif in Wallace's work) to a transcendent power of concentration."

4. Lucy Maud Montgomery


Set to be the ninth series in Montgomery's classic books about Anne Shirley, The Blythes Are Quoted was released in 2009. The book is a collection of short stories, poems and conversations about poetry. An abridged version of the book was published in 1974 but this new edition was the full length that Montgomery intended. According to Penguin Canada, the unabridged version shows a darker and more disturbing side to Montgomery.

5. J.D. Salinger


And of course we can't forget the J.D. Salinger excitement from last year, when three previously unreleased stories were leaked online, including one story that was thought to be the prequel to The Catcher in the Rye.

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