#prequelthisbook: Share your prequel suggestions

gonewiththewind-584.jpg The indelible character Mammy, Scarlett O'Hara's maid from Margaret Mitchell's classic novel Gone With the Wind, will star in a prequel book that follows her arrival in Georgia.

Simon & Schuster imprint Atria will publish Donald McCaig's book Ruth's Journey in October.

McCaig previously wrote a followup book about Rhett Butler authorized by the Mitchell estate.

Gone With the Wind was adapted into a hugely popular Hollywood movie that featured Hattie McDaniel in the role of Mammy. McDaniel's performance as the no-nonsense servant led to her becoming the first black performer to win an Oscar.

Wouldn't it be great if all great pieces of literature had secret prequels in the works?

Let us know some of the prequels you'd like to see. Chime in on the comments or join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #prequelthisbook https://twitter.com/cbcbooks

Here's a list to get you started:

Quarter-Blood Blues- The prequel to Esi Edugyan's Half-Blood Blues

Sid is a young black musician in late-1930's America. It's the end of the Depression, prohibition is behind them, but things still aren't right. Racism is rampant and Sid longs for a place that's more accepting and liberated. Sure jazz is blowing up in Harlem, but what about Europe?

The Cuthbert Files: The prequel to Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert work hard on their farm. After years of struggling to do a three person team's work on just the labour of two, they scheme on how to bring a third into the mix. After deciding that slavery is amoral, they decide to adopt.

1982 - The prequel to George Orwell's 1984

A group of new wave musicians create music with subliminal messages. The messages are intended for the government and subliminally urge those in power to brainwash the masses.

Generation Baby Boom: The prequel to Douglas Coupland's Generation X

After World War II, people across the world procreate. The brood they produce go on to live in an economic and social era of prosperity, anomalous to any other in world history...hilarity ensues.

Romeo and Rosaline - Prequel to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo spots young Rosaline one day and it's love at first sight. While it is true that Rosaline doesn't return the love for Romeo, this makes his love even more intense. He devises a list of schemes to woo her and win her love. One of his ideas is to try to make her jealous by faking a crush on Juliet.