Publisher looking to print 1,000 edition Wikipedia book set

A custom book publisher has launched an online fundraising campaign to create 1,000 books out of Wikipedia articles.

The "record-breaking" project aims would see more than four million English language Wikipedia entries, written by 20 million volunteers, turned into a series of 1,000 printed editions to be displayed in public exhibitions.

The idea is to illustrate and experience Wikipedia's vast collection of information "by transforming it into the physical medium of books," PediaPress states on their Indiegogo site.

PediaPress are looking to raise $50,000 to cover the costs of printing the 1,000 books, which will contain about 1,200 pages each. The pages will be printed in grey scale and contain images, although colour printing is considered a "stretch goal."

If successfully funded, the books will be first displayed at Wikimania London this August, an annual international conference of the Wikipedia community. If possible, the books would be toured around the world afterwards, but ultimately, the proposed book set would be donated to a major public library.

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