Mystery author faces internet wrath after calling for J.K. Rowling to quit adult fiction


A literary mystery author is facing online backlash and negative Amazon book reviews after she implored Harry Potter-creator J.K. Rowling to stop writing adult fiction to "give other writers, and other writing, room to breathe" in an opinion piece on the Huffington Post's U.K.-site.

Lynn Shepherd applauded Rowling for her success as a children's book writer, but believes that her career transition into adult fiction, such as 2012's The Casual Vacancy and her crime fiction under pseudonym Robert Gailbraith, is making it harder for aspiring writers to attract the attentions of critics and readers.

"Rowling has no need of either the shelf space or the column inches, but other writers desperately do," she wrote, while admitting she hasn't read Rowling's Potter books.

"By all means keep writing for kids, or for your personal pleasure -- I would never deny anyone that -- but when it comes to the adult market you've had your turn," she directed towards Rowling.

Her article immediately drew the ire of the internet, with many people -- including several writers -- describing her as envious of Rowling's success.

As the article spread, however, more people got into the fray, and it became clear that some angry with Shepherd took it out on her Amazon book reviews.

A wave of 1-star user reviews for her book The Solitary House came with titles like "Sad jealous person" and "If Lynn Shepherd Cares About Pretentious and Mediocre Writing, She Should Stop Doing It."  

Numerous Twitter users critical of Shepherd's article have also expressed dismay by the online behaviour directed towards her.

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