Because is the word of the year

"Because science" is a popular online phrase and more turns of phrases are emerging

The Word of the Year, according to the American Dialect Society, is "because." Why? Well, because.

See, "because" used to just be this boring conjunction used to introduce nouns, adjectives, or other parts of speech. But it's now increasingly being used informally online and opening up new grammatical possibilities, the Society argues.

"No longer does 'because' have to be followed by 'of' or a full clause," said Ben Zimmer of the American Dialect Society in a press statement. "Now one often sees tersely worded rationales like 'because science' or 'because reasons.' You might not go to a party 'because tired.' As one supporter put it, "because" should be word of the year 'because useful!'"

"Because" beat second place "slash" (as in "Should I go now slash leave?") after capturing 127 of 175 votes at the group's annual meeting. Other words in the running for Word of the Year included "Twerk," defined as "a mode of dance that involves vigorous booty shaking and booty thrusting, usually with the feet planted" and most famously demonstrated by Miley Cyrus, and "Obamacare," defined as a "term for the Affordable Care Act that has moved from pejorative to matter of fact shorthand."

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Oxford Dictionaries believed another word to be the most worthy of the 2013 Word of the Year title -- they chose "selfie," the act of taking a photo of oneself and uploading it to a social media site. According to the organization, the frequency of the term increased 17,000 per cent in 2013, making it their choice for international word of the year.