Top 5 most shocking deaths in literature


The Bridget Jones books have lost Mark Darcy, leaving Bridget on her own. Photo credit AP Photo/Jerome Favre.

Recently, fans of the popular book series Bridget Jones's Diary were shocked to learn that in the latest novel Bridget's main squeeze Mark Darcy is no longer in the picture: Mad About the Boy takes place about five years after his death, and Bridget is a widow with two children. In an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight author Helen Fielding told Strombo that she wasn't necessarily planning to kill Darcy off. For her, it was necessary for the character development of Bridget Jones. "As a novelist, it's not really a plan, it almost takes you over," she said.

It's often a real shock for readers when a main character dies. Here's a selection of some other literary characters killed off unexpectedly.