Behind the scenes of The Best Laid Plans TV adaptation

Fans of Terry Fallis's Canada Reads-winning satirical political comedy hit The Best Laid Plans are anticipating the premiere of the new TV mini-series on Sunday, Jan. 5, at 9 p.m. on CBC-TV.

Fallis, who worked for years on Parliament Hill as a political strategist, drew upon his experiences -- and disillusionment with Canadian politics -- to write a humorous story following an unlikely federal election candidate, brash Scotsman Angus McLintock, who unexpectedly gets embraced by the public.

2011_winner_thebestlaidplans.jpg"I think the book is translating very well to the small screen," said Fallis in an interview for a behind-the-scenes feature on the TV adaptation. "And the scripts that [screenwriters] Susan Coyne and Jason Sherman have so ably written, I think they capture all those principles that I wanted to illuminate in the novel itself. So I think you'll see it on the screen when you watch the show."

Jonas Chernick, who plays the idealistic but burnt-out political aide tasked with keeping an eye on the bold McLintock, said an actor is always conscious of playing established characters from well-known literary works.

"You feel a responsibility to the writer, first and foremost, and also to the fans of the book," he said.  "And this book has a lot of fans."

Stay tuned for a great new contest based on The Best Laid Plans, which will start Sunday, Jan. 5, to coincide with the premiere. In the meantime, you can watch this behind-the-scenes video about bringing The Best Laid Plans from the page to the small screen. Also, learn more about how Terry Fallis won Canada Reads 2011.

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