2014's literary predictions

You've seen our round-up of the best literary stories of 2013 but what about the stories of 2014? Sure, they haven't happened yet, but luckily, here at CBC Books we have an old crystal ball kicking around. When we looked into its prophetic depths, here are the stories that transpired (By the way, we're not sure how reliable our crystal ball is...)

Atwood replaces the Drones

margaret-atwood-150.jpgAfter a copy of Don Cherry's Don Cherry's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Hockey is mistakenly delivered to Margaret Atwood's house by an Amazon Drone, she gets frustrated with the inefficiency of the new Amazon Drone deliveries and decides she can do a better job herself. She effectively delivers everyone's packages herself on time and without a hint of wear and tear.

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Facebook-150.jpgFacebook finally becomes a book

The book is customizable to your profile and most stack up to about 50,000 pages. The best part about this: all those parents who complain about their kids not reading enough books will now be at a loss for words.

Justin Bieber gets into the literary game

Bieber-radioshow-150.jpgJust like Alice Munro, Bieber cries wolf a few more times about retiring. But mid-2014 he commits to retiring so he can enter the literary world. He teams up with Gordon Korman to write a series of hilarious adventure novels starring a young singer boy just trying to make it in this crazy world.

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David Gilmour writes one of those "My year of..." books

David-Gilmour-150.jpgAfter feeling guilty about his remarks about not teaching women or Canadian writers in his class, Gilmour sets out on a year of only reading CanLit written by women. In an attempt to turn it into his own "my year of..." book, he gives it a gimmicky twist and sets up shop at the public library where you can watch him read.

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The Leacock leaks

stephen-leacock-150.jpgTwenty-five completed Stephen Leacock novels are leaked posthumously. According to the Leacock estate, the great Canadian author wanted the 25 books to come out exactly 100 years after his death, but an "internet expert" put them out early. After much excitement from the literary community, the world devoured the online pdfs. The only problem is -- they're really bad. The novels are an attempt to write science fiction before the genre was really established.

In a 25-part series, Leacock tells the story of "Future Dog," a really cool dog from the future who wears "sun-blocking glass shades on his eyes." Alice Munro uses her Nobel prize money to buy immortality After deciding that she has everything she needs, Munro decides to pay a trip to the immortality shop and buys the latest in eternity technology. (It pays off: she wins the Nobel Prize for Literature again in 3013.)

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Alice Munro uses her Nobel Prize money to buy immortality

author-munro-150.jpgAfter deciding that she has everything she needs, Munro decides to pay a trip to the immortality shop and buys the latest in eternity technology. She wins the Nobel prize for literature again in 3013.

(Photo Credit: Chris Young/Canadian Press)

What does your crystal ball say about 2014's big literary stories?

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