What Does the Fox Say? Read all about it

What does the fox say? You can find out in a new book.

One of the strangest, catchiest YouTube viral hits of the year is being adapted into an illustrated children's book.

ylvis-fox.jpgNorwegian musical comedy pair Ylvis's song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) features lyrics that seem inspired by baby books, with lines like: "Dog goes woof / cat goes meow / bird goes tweet / and mouse goes squeak/ ... But there's one sound / that no one knows / what does the fox say?" Bolstered by a pulsating dance beat and, uh, energetic vocals, the satirical pop tune has garnered more than 215 million views since its debut in early September.

U.S. publisher Simon & Schuster snatched up the North American rights to the book version and will print 250,000 copies of the book, to be published on December 10, just in time for holiday shopping, according to the Guardian.

The book will illustrated by Norwegian artist and writer Svein Nyhus.

Ylvis member Vegard Ylvisaker said the band had conceived of turning the song into a children's book before they even uploaded the video to YouTube.

"As we were working with the song it just felt like it had the potential of becoming an interesting book as well, mostly because all of a sudden we found ourselves wondering what does the fox really say?"

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