The best books ever 1898. How many have you read?


The best books of the year. The best books of the decade. The best books of the century. The best books of all time. We love "Best of" lists. And, it turns out, they aren't anything new. In 1898, Clement K. Shorter, an expert on Napoleon and the Brontës, out together the list of what he thought were the 100 best novels ever written. The list originally appeared in the monthly journal The Bookman and the Times Literary Supplement has unearthed this list and republished it. Shorter set himself a few rules: only one novel per author, and no living authors allowed. So what did his list look like? Check it out for yourself below. 

How many of these novels have you read? How many are even still in print? And did Shorter miss any great 19th-century classics? 

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