Five things you might not know about Alice Munro: She didn't set out to write short stories

Books of Canadian writer Alice Munro who won the Nobel Prize for Literature are presented at the book fair in Frankfurt, Germany, on Thursday, Oct.10, 2013. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

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When Alice Munro started writing she thought she would write novels just like most authors. Lives of Girls and Women was originally a novel but she wasn't happy with it so she split it into linked stories about the protagonist Del living in a town called Jubilee.

She spoke with Morningside host Don Harron in 1978 about being a writer. "What I have as an ideal is something so clear, as if you're looking through perfectly clean water, so that the words don't get between the reader," she said. "If anything seems to be decoration, I take it out." You can listen to the entire interview in the player above.

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