Reaction to Noel Gallagher's epic anti-fiction rant


What's the story, morning glory? Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher's recent over-the-top rant about books is making headlines. (Reuters)

Canadian author David Gilmour recently caused a stir when he said that he didn't teach books by women, gay, or Chinese writers because he didn't truly love those kind of stories. Well, outspoken British songwriter and Oasis star Noel Gallagher has also caught the attention of literature fans after going on an epic, profanity-laden, at times bizarre rant about why he detests fiction in an interview with GQ published this week.

"I only read factual books," the 46-year-old musician told GQ's Danny Wallace. " I can't think of... I mean, novels are just a waste of f--king time. I can't suspend belief in reality... I just end up thinking, 'This isn't f--king true.'"

Gallagher, who appeared in the magazine after being acknowledged as one of the publication's Men of the Year, said he has a collection of non-fiction books and is currently reading The Kennedy Tapes, about the Cuban missile crisis. He also criticized book reviewers for what he believes is snobbery.

"Because people who write and read and review books are f--king putting themselves a tiny little bit above the rest of us who f--king make records and write pathetic little songs for a living."

He also had choice words for the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, which, this year, happened to be Adam Johnson for The Orphan Master's Son.

"The winner of the Pulitzer Prize [for fiction]. What a c---. Whoever that is, has got to be. I don't get it. Book sellers, book readers, book writers, book owners -- f--ck all of them."

The fiery Gallagher also made his feeling about Fifty Shades of Grey abundantly clear.

"Fifty Shades Of Grey? Fifty shades of s--t. I'm not having it. Novels... how could you read that?"

The reaction on Twitter over the songwriter's comments have ranged from anger to amusement. What's your take?