Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize: Andreas Schroeder's Literary Feast

hilaryweston-62.jpgHungry for some great nonfiction reads? We're celebrating this year's Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction with our Cook Up a Literary Feast contest. Submit your own personalized menu of nonfiction treats for a chance to win great prizes, including President's Choice gift cards and a tablet computer.

As we head towards the gala on October 21, we'll be featuring entries from the jurors and shortlisted authors. Today, we have Andreas Schroeder's literary feast!


Eggs on Mao by Denise Chong


The Horse That Leaps Through Clouds by Eric Enno Tamm 


Sweet Assorted by Jim Christy


as-books.jpgOur rather unusual appetizer should put us in the right frame of mind to sample and discuss the foods, flora and fauna of China's Middle Kingdom, seen through the eyes of Eric Tamm as he journeys through modern China retracing the footsteps of Baron Carl Gustav Mannerheim, the last tsarist spy of the early 1900s. After consuming such traditional fare as salty goat cheese, boiled silkworms and a strong Chinese brandy "of a poisonous green color," we'll undoubtedly be ready for a goodly selection of assorted sweets from Jim Christy -- also a restless traveller and raconteur -- who serves up a beguiling concoction of mini-essays and reminiscences with his trademark wry humour and panache.