7 things winning a CBC Literary Prize can do for your writing career

You’ve proofread your text. Five times already. You take a deep breath before you press “Submit.” Someone out there is going to win this year’s competition and it could be you. You already know what’s up for grabs—the publication, the residency, the money, the famebut what does that all really mean for someone who wins a CBC Literary Prize?

You have no idea. 

Here are seven things that winning a CBC Literary Prize can do for you:

1. You get front page exposure 


Imagine waking up one morning to see your mug (perhaps taken with a friend’s mobile device) on the front page of the Arts section of your city’s daily newspaper. Winning a CBC Literary Prize turns you into a star overnight. Some of our former laureates had never been interviewed before winning, and then suddenly they have one of the country’s leading literary publicists booking them back-to-back interviews. You’ll want to run out and get as many copies as you can.