Who Said It? Breaking Bad's Walter White or a Shakespearean villain?

Actor Bryan Cranston ends his run as the schoolteacher-turned-drug-lord Walter White this weekend.

After five heart-stopping, jaw-dropping seasons of drug-dealing mayhem, the critically acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad will begin cooking its last batch of TV drama starting Sunday.

The meteoric rise of terminally ill Walter White, from bespectacled chemistry teacher looking to earn extra money by making meth to calculating, ruthless drug kingpin, has inspired many viewers to compare him to a Shakespearean villain. White is a manipulative, morally ambiguous character whose true nature and motivations are often unclear. He does love power though. And chemistry. And he says bad-ass things, just like Shakespearean villains do.

So to mark the end of Breaking Bad, try out our latest Who Said It quiz!

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