The Man of Mail? Canada Post to introduce new Superman stamps

superman-stamp-240x300.jpgLook, printed on that stamp! It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's Superman!

Yes, the Man of Steel will appear in a new series of limited-edition Canada Post stamps this fall as part of the character's 75th anniversary celebrations.

The legendary comic book hero has Canadian roots. His co-creator Joe Shuster was born in Toronto and delivered papers for the Toronto Daily Star as a boy, which served as a model for the iconic Daily Planet (initially called the Daily Star) where Clark Kent works.

"The thing about Superman is that he is like the ultimate hyphenated citizen. He is a Canadian-American-Kryptonian superhero," said Keisha McIntosh-Siung, spokesperson for Canada Post. "He's really a timeless hero."

The set of five stamps will go on sale Sept. 10, but Canada Post plans to reveal the designs at Fan Expo Canada on Friday. Each stamp will feature Superman artwork from a different time period.

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