The Justice League is coming to Canada


Canada and comics go hand-in-hand like fries and gravy, right? From Joe Shuster to Jeff Lemire, Canadians have created some of the most memorable characters and storylines over the years. And now Lemire is making the biggest splash yet on the Canadian comics scene: he's writing Justice League Canada, which is set to be published in spring 2014, the Toronto Star reports.

DC Comics is expected to make the announcement Friday afternoon. The story reportedly involves the Justice League of America heading north of the border after a series of events upends the current league as we know it. While which well-known superheroes making the move have yet to be revealed, Lemire says that we will be introduced to a new Canadian character, who "reflects a real part of our cultural identity."

Lemire has plans to take the story outside of Toronto and has plans to put the headquarters in northern Ontario, he told the Star, but specifics will be revealed at a later date.

What do you think of this move? Which DC superheroes will best survive the Canadian winter? And what should the new Canadian character be like?