Taste Canada: Fried sesame-seed bananas from Burma: Rivers of Flavor

fried-bananas-300.jpgThere are versions of sweet banana treats all over Southeast Asia. Sometimes the bananas are fried in a batter until crisp, sometimes they're cooked in oil or lightly grilled, sometimes they're simmered in sweetened coconut milk.

These fried bananas are meltingly lush, and they're given an extra layer of flavor by a squeeze of lime juice. (Some friends like a little dusting of chile powder on top as well, for that hot-sweet-tart hit.) You can also serve them with tart-sweet mango or lime sorbet. They're good for dessert, but almost better as a snack. Make plenty, for it's hard to turn down second helpings.

Choose ripe bananas that are still firm. Cutting regular bananas crosswise in half mimics the size of the small sweet bananas that are  used in Southeast Asia. If you do come across a hand of small sweet bananas, by all means use them.

The sesame seeds in the batter give a pleasing crunch that turns to chewiness as
the bananas cool, as well as a mild sesame flavor.