What is the most iconic book cover in CanLit? Help us determine the finalists


UPDATE:  Thanks for the submissions, everyone! The 32 finalists will be revealed the week of Monday, July 15. Stay tuned to see which covers made our special winner-take-all elimination bracket!

Earlier this year, The Atlantic asked if there would ever be a cover as iconic as the cover of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. This got CBC Books thinking...what is the most iconic book cover in the Canadian canon?

Enter, the search for the Most Iconic Canadian Book Cover.

Throughout July and August, we will pit 32 Canadian book covers head-to-head, and put each match-up to a public vote until only one cover remains. But before we begin, we need to select the 32 finalists.

That's where you come in. Which book cover(s) do you think deserves a shot at the title?

Send your suggestions to cbcbooks@cbc.ca. You can submit as many covers as you deem worthy. The CBC Books team will then determine the 32 finalists, which will be revealed the week of Monday, July 15.

By sending in a suggestion, you'll be entered to win a CBC Books tote bag! We have five to give away. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, July 9, at 11:59 p.m. ET. CBC contest rules apply.