The return of Captain Canuck

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First aired on CBC News Network (1/7/2013)

Nearly 40 years after Captain Canuck first squeezed into Spandex, the Canadian superhero has returned. He's trying to accomplish one of his most challenging feats yet: successfully making the leap from the comic book page to the computer screen.

Captain Canuck was created by Richard Comely in 1975 when the Winnipeg illustrator was frustrated with the quality of comics available at the time. "They are overdoing violence, this sorcery business, sexual innuendos. They seem to be coming lower and lower in quality," Comely said at the time. So he created a likeable Canadian superhero wrapped in red, white and maple leaf, and self-published the comics.

Those early issues caught the eye of Fadi Hakim, a first-generation Canadian and a comic-loving kid. "[Issue] number 1 had a really vivid colour to it. Not to mention the whole idea that there was a Canadian flag," Hakim recalled. And being the first of his family to be raised in Canada meant he was constantly looking for connections to his family's adopted country. "There's obviously patriotism that you grow up with, being the first generation here."

Hakim wasn't the only kid to become a fan of Captain Canuck -- more than 2.3 million comics featuring the Canadian superhero have been sold. But Hakim was the first to want to bring Captain Canuck into the 21st century. So he approached Richard Comely about turning the character into a cartoon web series. Comely agreed, and a new company, Captain Canuck, Inc., was born and a crowdfunding campaign, with a goal of $50,000, was launched. The team reached their goal earlier this year and the first episode of the series was released, appropriately, on Canada Day (which you can watch in the YouTube player below).

"It feels great to know that we've got some new younger minds, very brilliant, creative minds working on this," Comely said. "That's great to see."

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