New TV series explores the life of Bond creator Ian Fleming

Producers of a new British TV series about the life of James Bond creator Ian Fleming have given viewers a sneak peek of what to expect. And if the teaser trailer is any indication, Bond fans who love their heroes to be both stylish and dangerous won't be disappointed.

Fleming, who will be portrayed by Dominic Cooper (The History Boys, Captain America), was a naval intelligence officer during the Second World War, and much of his wartime experience served as the inspiration for his James Bond novels. Indeed, Fleming, who had been born into a life of wealth and privilege, was known to possess a rakish charm that led to passionate affairs with many women.

It appears, however, that much of the new series will be focused on Fleming's relationship with his longtime lover (and eventual wife) Ann Charteris (played by Sherlock actress Lara Pulver), who the writer met during the war when she was married to another man.

An executive involved with the TV production told the Daily Mail that the show "tells the story of how Fleming desperately wanted to be someone he couldn't be, so he created the person he wanted to be on the page and that person was James Bond."

He published his first Bond novel, Casino Royale, in 1953.

The hard-drinking, chain-smoking Fleming died at age 56 on August 12, 1964, after suffering a heart attack.

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