Giant Mr. Darcy statue appears in London's Hyde Park

A swimmer approaches a statue meant to depict actor Colin Firth performing as Mr. Darcy. (David Parry, PA/Associated Press)

Our feelings will not be repressed. You must allow us to tell you how ardently we admire and love this giant statue of Mr. Darcy emerging from the water in London's Hyde Park.

Over the weekend, a giant 12-foot fibreglass figure inspired by Colin Firth's portrayal of the dapper yet arrogant-seeming gentleman in the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice appeared in the water, surprising swimmers and park goers, the Daily Mail reports.

darcy-water.jpgThe tribute was commissioned to celebrate the launch of UKTV's new TV channel Drama. The scene of Colin Firth as Darcy rising from the lake was voted the most memorable moment in British television drama in a recent survey.

Apparently, the Darcy statue will have a busy summer. The plan is to take it on a regional tour at different venues, before it's installed at Lyme Park in Cheshire, where the BBC series was filmed.

It took the modelling team more than two months to design the statue, which is equivalent to the height of a double-decker bus. The mega-Darcy is primarily based on Firth's version of the character, but lead sculptor Toby Crowther told the Daily Mail the team drew inspiration from the book and other actors who have donned the mutton chops.

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