Classic 80s TV shows to be resurrected as digital comic books

Whoa, time out. Zach Morris and his Bayside High buddies will be back in comic book form. (NBCUniversal)

In recent years we've seen a massive resurgence in 1980s trends, from stonewashed denim to falling in love with Duran Duran all over again. Well, the nostalgia train shows no signs of slowing down, as NBCUniversal has announced plans to produce digital comics based on several of the era's iconic TV shows, including Miami Vice, Knight Rider and Saved by the Bell.

Publisher Lion Forge Comics will develop and distribute the digital graphic novels, and have signed on to work with well-known writers like Joelle Sellner (Teen Titans) and Jonathan London (Geekscape), according to

Whip-smart pre-teen Punky Brewster and high-tech military helicopter Airwolf are two other classic NBC shows getting, uh, reanimated in comic book form.

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Lion Forge aims to launch these comics later this year and will make them available through Kobo, Apple iBooks, the Amazon Kindle Bookstore, and Barnes & Noble's The Nook Book Store.

There's no word yet on whether the artists will be able meet the challenge of capturing the full glory of David Hasselhoff's smoldering portrayal of Michael Knight. Here's hoping. Just look at him.


Images by NBCUniversal