The Ultimate Undead Face-Off: The Vote


Which undead creature is the most undead of them all? That's what the Ultimate Undead Face-Off is designed to find out. The apocalypse to end all apocalypses is upon us and only one can survive.

The Face-Off will last from June 11 to June 25. Vote for the creature you think will win it all. The more votes, the longer they will last. The creature(s) with the fewest votes will be eliminated each day during the apocalypse. 

Need to brush up on your knowledge of the literary undead? You can check out the rundown of all the competitors here.

We want to know: Which creature do you want to see win it all? Let us know in the comments below, you could win a CBC Books prize pack, consisting of some pretty fantastic CBC Books swag (including a few books, a tote bag, a pin, a pen and more). The contest runs from June 11 to June 25. There will be three winners drawn at random. CBC contest rules apply.

Congratulations, Sheldon Funk, the lone survivor. Good luck in this brave new monster-less world.


June 12: The first days of battle were intense, but the strong and the weak were easily separated. We said good-bye to the supernatural zombie from The Rising and Gary Fleck from Monster Island, both of whom received a handful of votes.

June 13: Terrorists never win, even when they are undead. We said good-bye to the terrorist zombie from Patient Zero.

June 17: The weekend saw some fierce fighting, but we said good-bye to two tough competitors: the telekinetic zombies from Cell and a vicious blonde from The Blondes.

June 19: A blockbuster book doesn't translate into a bloody win. We said good-bye to the vicious vampire from Justin Cronin's The Passage.

June 21: R from Warm Bodies and a creature from I Am Legend weren't undead enough to survive.

June 24: A zombie from World War Z and a walker from The Walking Dead were no match for our final two contenders: Frankenstein and Sheldon Funk.

June 25: And Sheldon Funk outlasted them all as Frankenstein said good-bye.