Stephen King pledges $3 million to repair local library

Bestselling horror and fantasy writer Stephen King and his wife have pledged $3 million to help repair the century-old library in his hometown in Maine, if the city and library can raise another $6 million for the project, Bloomberg reports.

stephen-king-300.jpgThe Bangor Public Library, which inspired his novella The Library Policeman because his young son had been afraid of returning overdue books, was first founded in 1830. Its most urgently needed repair is a new roof to protect the book stacks, as the library's first copper roof, installed in 1912, is beyond fixable, according to library officials. Other improvements will be made as well, including updating the interior and adding more meeting spaces.

The local library is close to the King family's heart, as both the author and his wife are regular users. King's wife, Tabitha, sits on the building committee of the Bangor library, and was also a long-time board member. The library also contains a vault housing the first edition of each Stephen King book.

Residents will vote Tuesday on whether to approve a $3 million tax-exempt bond issue. The rest of the repair money will come from the library's fundraising efforts.

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