Joel Plaskett: Road reads

With summer music festival season upon us, many great artists are hitting the road. Part of their preparation for such treks is coming up with methods to while away the many hours of travel and waiting to get on stage. Among the safest distractions is a good book, so we're catching up with musicians to see what titles inspire or excite them.

Joel  Plaskett is one of Canada's hardest working singers, songwriters, producers and label heads. Beginning June 21, you can catch the Joel Plaskett Emergency on tour at select stops across North America. Here's Plaskett answering some questions about some good reads. 

What book are you currently reading?

stars-at-noon-100.jpgThe Stars at Noon by Denis Johnson. It's about a woman, possibly a journalist, set in Nicaragua in 1984. Something shady is happening. Just digging in, but it's fantastic so far.  He's my favourite writer these days and every book is different. Here's the opening sentence: 

"The air was getting thick- if you like calling a garotte of diesel and greasy dirt 'air' and so before the burning rain began I stepped into the McDonald's."

What book are you hoping to read while on tour and why?

The Name of the World by Denis Johnson. He's the best and it's the only of his one I haven't read. 

What book helped make a past tour more enjoyable?

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt.  It was given to me by my friend Miniature Tim and I loved it. Great story about two hired killers, often funny and it flies by because the plot is always moving.

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