Internet sensation "Wheelchair Pig" lands book deal


Chris P. Bacon and his homemade wheelchair (YouTube).


First aired on As it Happens 04/06/13

Move over Olivia, Winnie the Pooh and Wilbur: the hot new pig in kid lit is Chris P. Bacon, the wheelchair pig. If you follow internet memes you already know this little guy. The viral YouTube videos featuring Chris P. Bacon wheeling around in a homemade wheelchair are being turned into a book trilogy. The stories will be written by the vet and wheelchair designer Len Lucero who took the baby pig into his care and launched the pig into internet fame.

Chris P. Bacon first came into Lucero's life when a local farmer dropped him off due to a birth defect that rendered the pig's back legs useless. The intent was to put the pig down but when Lucero first saw the pig, he fell in love. "This little piggy comes out and he's just hopping on his front legs and just full of life and as happy as can be," Lucero told As It Happen's CarolOff. So Lucero became his official adopted parent and caregiver.

It's the combination of the cute little pig and the elaborate homemade wheelchair that has made Chris P. Bacon internet famous. "He's a great pig, he is an inspiration, he's a comedian, he's everything all rolled into one ball of love," Lucero said. The videos show the pig rolling around adorably maneuvering on these wheels that look like a toy wheelchair. "I was dealing with a one-pound pig so I had to be a little bit creative and I started thinking and it just came to me: my son and I used to play with these K'Nex toys..." So Lucero fashioned a wheelchair out of toys, strapped the pig in, filmed the pig, uploaded the video to YouTube and watched the entire world fall in love with Chris P. Bacon. Since then, the video has had over a million hits, which caught the attention of a New York-based publisher. They signed wheelchair pig to a three-book deal.

Lucero isn't divulging what exactly the books will be about, he says "I'm just going to leave that out there to the imagination."