Bill O'Reilly's burgeoning film adaptation franchise

Bill O'Reilly and actor Rob Lowe talk on set of National Geographic Channel's adaptation of Killing Kennedy. (Associated Press/Kent Eanes, National Geographic Channel)

National Geographic Channel has signed on to produce an adaptation of Fox News host and bestselling author Bill O'Reilly's historical book Killing Jesus: A History.

The non-fiction television channel is currently putting together another O'Reilly adaptation for his book Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot, which examines the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Former West Wing star Rob Lowe stars as Kennedy while Ginnifer Goodwin plays Jackie. National Geographic Channel aired the adaptation of O'Reilly's book Killing Lincoln this past February, which featured Tom Hanks as the narrator.

O'Reilly, a former high school history teacher who co-authored the "Killing" series of books with writer Martin Dugard, serves as the executive producer of the movies. In a recent interview with the Associated Press about these projects, O'Reilly said his key motivation has been to present history in a more engaging, exciting way.

"We consider ourselves historical investigators," O'Reilly said of himself and Dugard. "We go and try to find new stuff and try to bring you a really vivid picture of who these people really were ... I don't have an agenda at all, I mean, I just want to know the facts."

His time in the classroom also inspired him to publish young reader versions of his "Killing" series. He said he was bothered that kids are "just not paying attention and not caring about history any more."

"You have to force the urchins to look at their country and understand they're in America and here's what happened, and we're trying to make it fun for them to do it."

-With files from the Associated Press