Rename the Toronto Raptors, CanLit style!

raptors huskies 584.jpg

In a nod to Toronto's pro basketball roots, the Raptors donned Huskies uniforms for a game in 2009. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

In the wake of recent staffing changes, the Toronto Raptors are looking to rebrand themselves as Canada's team -- and the CBC Books team has some suggestions about what to rename them. After all, what's more Canadian than Canadian literature?

To get the list started, here are some names dreamed up by the CBC Books team:

  • The Green Gables
  • The Barneys (they'll play their version of basketball!)
  • The Toronto Lion Skins
  • The Blind Assassins
  • The Beautiful Losers
  • The Infinite Sadness (although this one might be more appropriate for the Leafs -- heyo!)
  • The Fugitive Pieces
  • The Marsh Settlers
  • The Great Mischief
  • The B-Ball Angels

What do you think? Add your suggestion to our list of #CanLit basketball team names by leaving a comment below for your chance to win a CBC Books prize pack! Contest closes Monday, May 27 at noon EST. contest rules are available here.

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