Regina attacked by aliens: Avengers to the rescue!

avengers regina.jpg
Regina is forever altered by an alien attack in Avengers No. 10. (Marvel Comics)

First aired on The Afternoon Edition (25/04/13)

Regina has been put on the map and -- spoiler alert! -- wiped off it in the latest edition of the Avengers comic series from Marvel. CBC's Bonnie Allen, national reporter for CBC Saskatchewan, recently talked to host Craig Lederhouse on The Afternoon Edition about the story.

An evil alien chose two targets for a bomb attack: Perth, Australia, and Regina. Allen turned to Shane Hnetka, manager of ComicReaders, a local comics store, to describe the bomb. "It was an 'evolution bomb,' which was fired from Mars by this evil alien guy who is trying to mess around and recreate life in the universe," Hnetka said. "Things get really weird, and it's kind of difficult to explain."

As a result of the bomb, Regina is covered with a dome and evolution speeds up, making the city's residents mutate into "bug-eyed, yellow pygmies who speak a weird language," Allen said.

In response to the crisis, the Canadian government send in a team of home-grown superheroes called Omega Flight, but they get killed off. That's when the Avengers -- Captain America, Wolverine and others -- spring into action.

Why Regina? Allen asked Marvel that obvious question, and was told that the choice of a Canadian location was part of the comics publisher's strategy of "trying to make it a more global comic."

The statement from Marvel also referred to Regina as "a hidden gem from our northern neighbors." A hidden gem but, in the Marvel universe, now an obliterated one.

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