Calling all intergalactic poets! Have YOU got a message for Mars?

mars image.jpg

Want to send a poem into space? Well, you might get a chance, thanks to a new initiative from NASA.

This week, NASA issued an invitation to members of the public to submit their names and messages for inclusion on a DVD that will be sent into space aboard a spacecraft that is heading to Mars to study the planet's upper atmosphere. But the creatively minded folks at NASA also want to send your poetry into space: three haikus will be included in this message to Mars.

According to a press release, every name submitted will be included on the DVD, but only three haikus, which will be voted on in a public campaign this summer. You can enter here.

This news from NASA inspired us: This afternoon, the CBC Books crew spent some time daydreaming about space in 17 syllables. Read our haikus below, and submit your own in the comments!

Is there life on Mars?
David Bowie might know it.
Why not ask him now.

Chris Hadfield spins
Round and round and round the globe
He's the boss of space.

In galactic space
Light from distant stars long dead
Still bright in our sky.

We are all stardust
Atoms floating down to earth
No why or why not.

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