Want to live on Mars? Buzz Aldrin thinks you should


First aired on The Current 23/05/13


By 2035, it will be possible to colonize Mars. This is the crux of Buzz Aldrin's new book Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration

"[Mars] has been the ultimate destination of many presidents proclaiming their intermediate objectives. I think the time has come for the president to make a firm commitment for permanent presence, led by Americans onto the surface of Mars," Buzz told host Anna Maria Tremonti on The Current. He thinks Mars colonization should start to become a serious political priority amongst American politicians and the first politician to put a person on Mars will benefit greatly.

Aldrin isn't the only one turning their sights to Mars. One company has begun to take applications for a chance to live on Mars. Mars One is a company that hopes to colonize the red planet. They're offering the chance for a one way trip to Mars in a sort of reality TV like contest and more than 80,000 people have applied to boldly go so far, including some Canadians. 

Buzz supports the enthusiasm people are beginning to take in Mars and hopes this attention will help his own push for Mars living, "if we do inspiring steps to the American people and people of the world, we can develop the performance of the interplanetary space craft."

What do you think, would you buy a one way ticket to Mars? Should Mars colonization be a political priority?

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