A toddler's parenting advice

First aired on Homerun (08/05/13)

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What kind of parenting advice would a toddler give if s/he could not just speak, but tweet, Facebook and Instagram?

That's the question mother Bunmi Laditan set out to answer last year with the Twitter handle @HonestToddler. Since then, she's gained over 230,000 followers and a book deal. Her new book, The Honest Toddler: A Child's Guide to Parenting, debuted this week.

It is a satirical parenting guide from the perspective of an 18-month to three-year old, Laditan told Homerun's Steve Rukavina in a recent interview.

"All types of wonderful advice, like how to wean yourself off of sleep ... That's always a battle," she said. "Why potty training isn't important."

Laditan didn't expect her Honest Toddler persona to be such a big hit, but thinks parents enjoy it because they need the comic relief.

As for her three-year old daughter who was the inspiration for the account? Laditan says she has no idea about all the fuss.

"She's just living her life, trying to score some more juice."

Here is a selection of some of the Honest Toddler's tweets:

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