A CBC Music Festival reading list

On Saturday, May 25, CBC Music will kick of their first-ever music festival. With performers like Sam Roberts Band, Of Monsters and Men, Kathleen Edwards, Sloan and Jarvis Church, it's sure to be a day filled with rocking good times.

To get in on the festival action, CBC Books asked a few performers about their reading habits to help us build the CBC Music Festival reading list. Check out what they had to say below.


Kae Sun is a Ghanaian-Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto. His music combines elements of folk, soul, and reggae with insightful and inspired poetry. His book pick is Mirrors by Eduardo Galeano:

"I find Mirrors by Eduardo Galeano captivating because it is almost impossible to categorize by genre. It is a poetic collection of myths and little known tales as well as accounts touching on major events throughout history, but mostly from the perspective of the oppressed or forgotten."


Half Moon Run is an alternative rock band from Ottawa. Their sound combines folk, psych and electronica. Their guitarist Conner Molander thinks you should read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy:

"I just re-read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. I read it first in grade 12. It's a difficult book, the language is written in a biblical kind of style. I think it's like a terrifying, resounding, wonderful novel. I really love it I always wonder if they're going to turn it into a movie, because I think it would be the most impossible thing to do. I hope Paul Thomas Anderson picks it up, actually. He's one of the only ones who could do it really well."


Juno award winning artist Corb Lund hails from Edmonton and is best known for his alt-country sound. He recently read Trails Plowed Under by Charles M. Russell and thinks you should too:

"Trails Plowed Under by Charles M. Russell is almost like the bible in my family. I have three copies, one given to me by my dad, one by my maternal grandfather and another by my great uncle. The book is a collection of the author's short stories, written in cowboy vernacular and dealing with all kinds of Western situations, some comical, some quite serious. Charlie Russell was better known as one of the West's best artists, and he is revered in Montana, Alberta, Wyoming, etc as a patron saint. I've re-read the book many times, and have given several copies to close friends on special occasions. It's worth a read for anyone interested in real cowboy history and flavour."


Of Monsters and Men are quickly becoming Canada's indie darlings with their catchy and adorable pop music. Two of their band members have reading suggestions:

Brynjar Leifsson: "I'm reading 1001 Fly Fishing tips. Actually, some school books. One day I hope to be a pilot, so I'm trying to read up on that. I just really want to be a pilot -- then I can quit this band. (Laughs)"

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir: "I am reading comic books called The Boys. I'm actually reading a lot at this moment and I don't really usually, but I read comic books. They have pictures. (Laughs)"

All photos courtesy of the bands