9ft Statue of Hulk intends to smash Illiteracy

If you're looking for a good charitable cause (and are a comic book fan) why not donate money to help an American library get their much needed statue of the Incredible Hulk? It may not be the most typical charitable donation but according to the Northlake Library in Illinois, a nine-foot statue of the hulk will help update the library's image "Today's libraries are celebrating creativity, entertainment and lifelong learning, and they are doing it with technology and popular materials including graphic novels. The problem is that many people still think of libraries in the old way. We want to smash that stuffy reputation with a nine-foot tall Incredible Hulk statue," write the Northlake team. 

Still confused about what the green superhero has to do with public libraries? Northlake says they're using the Hulk as a metaphor of transformation "This larger-than-life literary character will become a giant green beacon of light to highlight our graphic novel collection, our creation station...not to mention the library's sense of humour and whimsy." 

The library is trying to hit their goal of trying to raise $30,000 through their indie go go campaign. The money will go towards a range of items that will help transform their library, on top of the Hulk; such as 3D printers, new computers and editing software.

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