Jason Segel set to pen children's trilogy

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Hollywood actor Jason Segel has already played a lot of roles in his life. He once wrote a Dracula musical as Peter in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Playing Gary, he joined the Muppets as they fought to save a theatre. And for eight seasons, he has played the sensitive and fiercely monogamous Marshall "Marshmallow" Eriksen on How I Met Your Mother.

But now, Segel is taking on a new role: children's book author.

Segel and Random House reportedly signed a three-book deal. Segel will pen the trilogy with the help of established author Kristen Miller. Miller is best known for The Eternal Ones and Kiki Strike.

Their co-authored series, Nightmares!, will be about a group of friends who battle to save their neighbourhood from fear.

"Ultimately, it's a story about learning that we can accomplish anything, as long as we are brave enough to try," Segel said in a statement. "These are the types of stories that always inspired me."

Apparently, the premise of the trilogy comes from a script Segel sold at the start of his career, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He sold the screenplay for a small amount. Eight years later, after his rise to fame, Segel bought the script back for about the same amount.

Instead of turning it into a movie, Segel decided to turn the tale into a children's book series, with the first book expected to land on store bookshelves in fall 2014.

Segel isn't the first Hollywood celebrity to attempt writing a children's book. Others have included:

  • John Travolta's Propeller One-Way Night Coach: A Fable for All Ages
  • Steve Martin's The Alphabet from A to Y With Bonus Letter Z!
  • Whoopi Goldberg's Sugar Plum Ballerinas
  • John Lithgow's Marsupial Sue
  • Madonna's The English Roses #1: Friends for Life!

Which celebrity would you most like to see write a children's book?

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