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First aired on The Afternoon Edition (11/03/13)

Libraries in Regina and Saskatoon are holding a contest for teens: they want them to put together movie trailers -- but there's a literary twist. They have to promote a BOOK and not a movie. Warren James from the Regina Public Library spoke to The Afternoon Edition about the contest, called Show Us What You Got.

"Basically what we want them to do is make a short trailer, maximum two and a half minutes in length," he explained. They then have to upload their finished project to YouTube and send James the link. He'll review the material to make sure it's appropriate, and then send each entrant a hashtag and other information to be added so people can view them on Facebook or YouTube.

James pointed out that publishers have been using book trailers for promotional purposes for several years, and some examples are posted on the Regina Public Library website (like the clip below!).

The Saskatoon Public Library has been encouraging children to make book trailers as part of its summer program so James got in touch about working together on the competition.

The exact judging criteria hasn't been determined, but the key thing, James said, is "if I look at your book trailer, does it make me want to read the book?" His advice to entrants was simple: "If you've got a book that you really, really love, make a trailer that shows why you love it, what hooks you about the book and what interest you."

Three branches of the Regina Public Library are holding workshops throughout the month of March and will make equipment available and offer help if needed (though James thinks a lot of kids probably are more familiar with moviemaking software than the librarians).

There are three prizes up for grabs: a $200 gift certificate goes to the top entry, while second and third place receive a gift certificate for $100 and $50, respectively. Beyond individual prizes, the Regina and Saskatoon libraries are competing against each other for the Golden Trailer Trophy. "We really don't want to give it to Saskatoon," James said.

Does your local library offer creative, literary-themed contests? Let us know!

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