Writing about conspiracy theorists

First aired on Day 6 (25/01/13) 

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Jon Ronson likes writing about outsiders: people who believe in UFOs, self-proclaimed self-help gurus and people who cheat at game shows.

In fact, the author -- who most recently penned Lost at Sea: The Jon Ronson Mysteries -- believes he discovered Alex Jones. Jones is most recently famous for an explosive interview on Piers Morgan Tonight on which Jones wholeheartedly defended America's Second Amendment.

"I feel like ... I'm the one who star-spotted him and now my little bird has grown wings and flown out the nest," Ronson told Day 6's Brent Bambury.

Ronson first met Jones when Jones was attempting to rebuild David Koresh's Waco church. Ronson reconnected with Jones when he learned about the so-called Bohemian Grove -- a northern California secret club for global elites where Saturday night gatherings culminate in throwing a human effigy into a bonfire. Ronson thought the club couldn't be real, but wanted to investigate it. So he asked Jones to team-up with him and learned a lot about the man during their "mad adventure."

Ronson believes Jones, who hosts a radio show about what he deems the infowars, knows exactly what he is doing and chooses to portray himself a certain way for his target audience.

"He's nowhere near as crazy as he makes himself out to be," he said.

His latest book is a collection of his magazine writing that focuses on those people on the fringes. So, why do they talk to Ronson? He thinks it's because he empathizes with most people and has his own issues, like terrible anxiety disorders, panics and compulsions.

"I think people see that in me ... They see that I've got my own troubles.

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