12 Days of CanLit: Business


Have you been avoiding your calendar, in denial about the shrinking number of shopping days before Christmas? The holiday season is upon us, and whether you're looking for gifts to set under a tree or around a menorah or just for some non-denominational seasonal giving (or reading!), we've got 12 days of book recommendations coming your way. With 12 different categories, we've got books for everyone from foodies to fiction addicts to sports buffs missing their beloved hockey this winter. On the fifth day of CanLit we bring you three very different reads about money, how to make it and what can go wrong when someone else wants yours.

The Power of Why by Amanda Lang


The power of curiosity, and how this curiosity has led to innovations both big and small, is the focus of CBC business correspondent Amanda Lang's book. While many of the people profiled in The Power of Why used their innovation to launch successful businesses, the book is also an exploration of how to be productive and engaged in everything you do, both professionally and personally -- making it a great read for those always looking for ways to improve.

Watch Amanda Lang discuss productivity and curiosity with Peter Mansbridge.

419 by Will Ferguson


Yes, 419 won the Scotiabank Giller Prize this year. But because of the book's "literary" merit, your business-minded pals might overlook this thrilling ride inside the Nigerian email scam we all know and loathe. They shouldn't: 419 is a gripping, timely read about the digital era's most common scam and how it affects not only those who fall for it but those who make their living by perpetuating it.

Watch Will Ferguson discuss his novel and winning the Giller with Jian Ghomeshi.

Plutocrats The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else by Chrystia Freeland


Over the past few years, we've heard a lot about the 99 per cent, the 47 per cent and the declining middle class. Chrystia Freeland looks at the increasing divide between the rich and the poor, zeroing in on the very rich: the top one per cent of the top one per cent. But Plutocrats is more than a showcase of the lifestyles of the super-rich and famous. It's a detailed and eye-opening analysis of how the rich rise to the top, and why the global economy is structured to help them most of all.

Listen to Chrystia Freeland discuss the top 1 per cent on The Current.

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