Vending machine dispenses books, not snacks

Vending machines are convenient ways to satisfy your snack attacks, be it a craving for chocolate, chips or beverages. But what if you're craving literary inspiration? Well, check out the new Biblio-Mat book vending machine! For only a toonie, customers at The Monkey's Paw bookshop in Toronto will receive a random book from the store's eclectic collection of second-hand titles.
The playful, retro-style rig was designed by Craig Small, an animator who is friends with Monkey's Paw owner Stephen Fowler. The Biblio-Mat has been a feature at the store since late October but a video of the vending machine has received more than 50,000 plays since it was posted five days ago.

The BIBLIO-MAT from Craig Small on Vimeo.

Small also chatted with As It Happens about designing the random book dispensing machine.

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What are some other creative book projects you've seen recently?

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