Win a copy of Amanda Lang's The Power of Why


The power of curiosity has led to some amazing innovations, including the curved curtain rod and an elevator that generates electricity as it moves from floor to floor. It was CBC senior business correspondent Amanda Lang's curiosity about these kinds of inventions that led to her find out the story behind them -- and what she learned inspired her to write her first book, The Power of Why. In it, she examines the connection between innovation and productivity, and offers tips on how to succeed in today's knowledge economy.

Amanda Lang talked to CBC Live about why she wanted to write the book and why her experience as a business journalist and co-hosting The Lang and O'Leary Exchange helped her discover the power of why.

We have five signed copies of The Power of Why to give away! Want one? Let us know what your favourite innovation is (whether big or small) on Twitter using the hashtag #thepowerofwhy or by emailing between 10 a.m. ET and 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 9. We'll draw five lucky winners from all the entries.

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