What's your favourite literary Google Doodle?

Between Thursdays's Moby Dick tribute and Monday's stunning interactive Little Nemo comic, Google Doodles have been on a literary tear lately. We delved back into their archives to dig up five of our favourite bookish Google tributes.

Charles Dickens' 200th birthday on February 7, 2012

Back in February, Google celebrated what would have been the 200th birthday of the greatest Victorian novelist with a playful sketch featuring some of his most famous characters. Can you spot Tiny Tim? Estella and Pip? Oliver and his thieving pal the Artful Dodger?

Jules Verne's 183rd birthday on February 8, 2011

Early science fiction stalwart Jules Verne got his due last year with this nifty interactive journey under the sea.

Dr. Seuss's 105th birthday on March 2, 2009

The Google Doodlers spelled out the company's name with the classic kids' book author's beloved characters -- so the Cat in the Hat isn't exactly G-shaped, but close enough!

Edward Lear's 200th birthday on May 12, 2012

After the owl and the pussycat went to sea in their beautiful pea-green boat, they danced by the light of the moon and the internet in this whimsical Doodle from last spring.

Hans Christian Anderson's 205th birthday on April 2, 2010

In a series of changing images, Google illustrates the Danish fairy tale master's classic Thumbelina.

Try as we might, we couldn't find any CanLit-themed Doodles among Google's archives! Surely Google will correct this oversight eventually. 

Which CanLit icon would you like to see memorialized in a Google Doodle? Leave your suggestions in the comments!