What's Miriam Toews reading?


The International Festival of Authors (IFOA) is now underway at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. So CBC Books got in touch with some of the writers who will be appearing at the festival to find out what recent read they'd like to recommend.


Miriam Toews will take to the IFOA stage on Oct. 25, when she will give a keynote address, along with British fantasy writer China MiƩville. Toews is the author of five novels, including: A Complicated Kindness, which won the Governor General's Literary Award in 2004 and was the 2006 Canada Reads champion. In her most recent novel, Irma Voth, the titular character is a 19-year-old living in an isolated Mennonite community in northern Mexico. Abandoned by her husband after only a year of marriage, and at odds with her disapproving father, Irma is struggling. But life changes when a film crew arrives to make a documentary about the community, and she is hired to be their translator.

When asked to recommend a recent favourite read, Miriam Toews said:

probably inevitable cover.jpg
"I'd recommend the book Probably Inevitable. It's poetry. And it's by Matthew Tierney. I'd recommend it because it has lines like:


I believe approaching heat stroke or heat death

could rob me of my chance to upgrade

the more fragile human parts: titanium hips

and a cloned pig's heart, so I can outlive my shame

at underachieving on the LSAT"

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