Shelagh Rogers: Travel tips from the Torngats


In the summer of 2011, CBC host Shelagh Rogers and five well-known Canadian writers went to Torngat Mountain National Park in remote northern Labrador. The authors were Alissa York, Noah Richler, Rabindranath Maharaj, Joseph Boyden and Sarah Leavitt, and their task was to soak up the spirit of the North and channel their surroundings into a piece of writing. The resulting stories are available as an e-book from House of Anansi Press -- which is on sale now -- and a portion of the e-book's profits will go to PGIs for Literacy.

The entire journey was captured on film for the documentary Northwords, which makes its world broadcast premiere Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on the documentary channel.

The experience was also captured on radio. Be sure to listen to The Next Chapter's award-winning Northwords episode!

We are pleased to be giving away a free download of the Northwords e-book courtesy of House of Anansi and a free download of the Northwords documentary film courtesy of FilmCAN. Just send us an e-mail at cbcbooks[a] telling us which Northern national park you'd most like to visit. The contest closes on Friday, October 26, at noon ET.

After seeing the gorgeous landscapes of the Torngat mountains featured in Northwords, there is a good chance that you will be inspired to start planning your own trek north. But before you do, take careful note of our intrepid host Shelagh Rogers's northern travel tips:

  • "Anything can happen and you are travelling on 'Northern Time,' a time directly affected by the changeable weather. The authors made their trips home as scheduled. The film crew and I were delayed two days. No complaints! Any extra time in Labrador is wonderful. Build in extra time on the 'shoulder days.'
  • Bring a journal. Even if you aren't a writer, you'll want to record what you do. And a good camera...i.e., beyond smartphones.
  • Bring warm clothing and clothing you can layer, and waterproof clothing, and sturdy hiking boots and a knapsack suitable for day trips."
  • "A bug jacket or bug shirt is a must! Mosquitoes have found a way to flourish. Bug juice is good, too.
  • As for what to leave: good coffee! It's appreciated by everyone at base camp."

Don't miss the world premiere broadcast of Northwords Thursday October 25 at 10 p.m. ET on the documentary channel. And don't forget to e-mail us to enter our virtual Northwords giveaway!

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