Feed Your Mind responses

We've received a fantastic response so far in our Feed Your Mind contest to celebrate this year's Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize. Here are some reader entries we've come across recently. We'll post more soon! Remember, the contest is open until November 2.

Reader: Minette Klazinga

Author: Neil Pasricha
The meal: Something "awesome" of course...I think I would make this Jamie Oliver recipe that I love for Parnsip, Pancetta & Parmesan pasta....served with a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio and a mixed green salad.

The question: My biggest question to him would be: what is the secret for finding joy in all of the little things you write about?

Reader: Taline Dermegerditchian

Author: Dr. David Suzuki

d-suzuki-70.jpgThe Meal: All things earthy; lentil soup, grilled vegetables, Atlantic Salmon and fruit for dessert.

The Question: Honestly, I would just like him to speak and I wouldn't interrupt.  I would like to ask him how I as an individual could live more mindfully to lessen the strain humans place on our planet. And I would like to know more about the environmental link to the Autism epidemic.

Reader: Jared Taylor

Author: Augusten Borroughs

augusten-burroughs-70.jpgThe Meal: I would make for him my favourite meal, breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns, and eggs. Because I feel like the best conversations begin around the breakfast table.

The Question: I would ask him what event/time in his life would he like to rewrite, or relive.

Reader: Gill Edwards

Author: Barbara Kingsolver

kingsolver-70-70.jpgThe Meal: It would have to be organic and grown close to home. OK if it was summer it could have my homegrown tomatoes and lettuce in it. Maybe a salad with a local cheese. Dessert could be a fruit crumble including our own figs and rhubarb and if we are lucky we would have our own strawberries as well as blueberries to add to the melange. A little wine maybe to loose the tongues (mine would be tied up in knots I am sure)

The Question: OK, I know this is really hokey, but how do you get to be such a wonderful writer. Where do you find the inspiration (I know, lame). I think I would just wallow in her company. She is the author of my favourite book The Poisonwood Bible and I have loved everything else she has written. Big bonus, invite the rest of my book club (but no wine for them!!)

Reader: Heather Burke

Author: Douglas Coupland

douglascoupland-70.jpgThe Meal: He seems like a pretty down home Canadian guy, so I'd likely feed him my special homemade burgers and re-fried potatoes on the side. Of course there would be a token salad.

The Question: How he keeps his writing fresh, how he started out, what he loves about being a writer and an artist.

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