Nearly one-fifth of U.K. school kids 'embarassed' to be seen with book: Study


Nearly one-fifth of children in the U.K. say they would be embarrassed if their friends saw them reading a book, a new study states.

The National Literacy Trust surveyed 21,000 children and young people across the U.K. at the end of 2011. Researchers have found a recent decline in reading for pleasure among students. The study also states that three out of 10 students read books outside of class time, compared to four out of 10 in 2005. But apparently, all kinds of reading are declining in popularity. In 2005, 77 per cent of children surveyed read magazines; that has dropped to 57 per cent. Reading on websites decreased from 64 per cent to 50 per cent.

The study, which was released Friday on the eve of International Literacy Day, says research shows that extracurricular reading is linked to better classroom performance and achievement. Young people who read outside of class-time daily were 13 times more likely to read above the expected level for their age group.

If you're a parent or teacher or mentor, have you ever struggled to get children interested in reading? What ideas do you have to make reading more exciting to young students?