The Sunday Edition goes to the beach: Thrillers


First aired on The Sunday Edition (12/08/12)

zombie-blonde-125.jpgThis week's installment of The Sunday Edition's beach reads series looks at thrillers. Emily Schultz knows a thing or two about dreaming up page-turning plots. Her latest novel The Blondes is an eerie tale about a global virus that turns blonde women into ruthless, homicidal maniacs. She said much of her inspirations for this mix of dystopian thriller and zombie rampage satire came from Margaret Atwood's classic The Handmaid's Tale and director David Cronenberg's film Rabid.
"There is a kind of strange love story and at the same time there are a lot of relationships between women struggling with their power dynamic, struggling to decide whether they're friend or foes," Schultz said during a recent interview with The Sunday Edition.

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