The Sunday Edition beach reads: Suspense!


First aired on The Sunday Edition (05/08/12)

Some people may want to relax at the beach and let their minds wander, but fans of suspense want thrills and chills (figurative ones) even when the sun is blazing and Frisbees fly overhead. This week, The Sunday Edition goes to the beach with Canadian novelist Morley Torgov. He has won the Stephen Leacock Medal twice for his humour writing, but has also been exploring the world of suspense through novels set in the 19th century and featuring Inspector Hermann Preiss.

mastersinger-minsk-150.jpgPreiss, who appeared in 2008's Murder in A-Major, gets into another sticky situation in The Mastersinger from Minsk, released this past June. In this crime caper, the inspector investigates a series of murders of people involved in the production of a new Richard Wagner opera. In both books, classical music is a dominant theme, inspired by Torgov's own childhood love of composers. But the legends about the lives of moody geniuses like Wagner and Robert Schumann also provide fertile ground for examining the darker side of human nature.

"Classical music is, I guess, like oxygen to me," Torgov said during a recent interview. "But one of the things that has always fascinated me is the fact that so many composers, particularly in the rich time in the 1800s, so many composers were at one and the same time brilliant and horrible, or sensible and screwed up, or happy and miserable. I was always fascainated by that fact."

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