Sunday Edition beach reads: Giles Blunt and Peter Kirby


First aired on The Sunday Edition (19/08/12)

Murder mysteries may not be the first books you think of to take the beach, but novelists Giles Blunt and Peter Kirby have plenty of experience in writing stories that keep you hooked, even if the weather's gorgeous and the people around you smell delightfully of coconut-scented sunscreen.

until-the-night-100.jpgBlunt's latest book is Until the Night, which features two seemingly unrelated stories that are actually connected. One story revolves around the mystery of a woman found frozen to death in the ruins of an abandoned hotel, where she was chained up and left to die. The other takes place 20 years earlier, and involves a group of scientists on an expedition in the high Arctic that ends in disaster.

peter-kirby-dead-winter.jpgKirby's most recent book is The Dead of Winter, which is set in Montreal. Inspector Luc Vanier investigates the murders of some of the city's homeless, only to stumble upon a mystery that takes him through churches, soup kitchens and elite business boardrooms.

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